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Our unique, hand-poured, 100% pure beeswax candles burn hotter, brighter, longer, and cleaner than conventional candles.  Beeswax is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and hypoallergenic, which is ideal for anyone with allergies. The only odor these candles produce is a slight scent of honey. In addition, these unique candles add an pyro ambience to any room or party! Also, after burning the candles, the remaining wax can be used for your pyrotechnics needs.

Use 2% to 3% for whistle mix and .005% (1/2%) for treating fire clay to eliminate dust and easy removal of the spindle without chipping. So one ounce will treat 12 lb. of clay or 2 lb. of whistle mix.

Why use Beeswax instead of Paraffin?

Paraffin wax is a greyish-black sludge by-product of the petroleum refining process. To make candles the paraffin is bleached, textured, colored, and scented using carcinogenic chemicals. When burned, the carcinogens fill the room with toxins that coat the walls, furniture, and the inside of your lungs. Check out the internet for more information on the toxicity and carcinogenic effects of paraffin!    

"Breathing fumes from burning paraffin candles is essentially the same as breathing the exhaust fumes from a diesel engine"

Beeswax Specification and Facts


1 oz


4 oz


8 oz


See Custom Labels for Parties, Family Reunions, Weddings, Company Logos, Club Functions, etc.


WARNINGCANDLE WARNING: Failure to follow instructions could result in fire hazard, injury, or smoke damage.



Small (1.75") Ball Shell Candle, 1-5/8" dia. x 3.25" tall

Average burn time, 16 hours in Votive Container **

(1) - Small Ball Shell - Out Of Stock
(6) - Small Ball Shells - Out Off Stock
(12) - Small Ball Shells - Out of Stock

Small (1.75") Ball Shell Candle with Votive Glass Container 2" dia. x 2.5" tall

(1) - Small Ball Shell w/ Votive - Out of Stock
(6) - Small Ball Shells w/ Votives - Out Of Stock
(12) - Small Ball Shells w/ Votives - Out Of Stock

Medium (3") Ball Shell Candle, 2-1/2" dia. x 3.75" tall

Average burn time, 28 hours**

(1) - Medium Ball Shell - $Out Of Stock
(6) - Medium Ball Shells - Out Of Stock
(12) - Medium Ball Shells - $Out Of Stock

Large (4") Ball Shell Candle, 3-1/2" dia. x 5.25" tall

Average burn time, 48 hours**

Large Candle (1) - Large Ball Shell - Out Of Stock
(6) - Large Ball Shells - Out Of Stock
(12) - Large Ball Shells - Out Of Stock
**Note: Actual candle lengths and burn times will slightly vary due to variations of wax from different beeswax vendors, time of burn secessions, and proper wick maintenance. See Burning Examples




100% BEESWAX BALL SHELL CANDLES, w/100% Cotton Wick