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  MIL - I - 8835
  JEDEC Standard 033B

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Size 1-1/2"W x 4-1/2"L

$1.50 ea.
$20.00 /20pc
How the Test Strips Work:
These economical test strips consist of paper saturated with cobalt chloride. The test strips show high relative humidity or the presents of water by changing from blue to pinkish-white. The humidity indicating strip show a more precise relative humidity. Cobalt chloride is a hydroscopic salt compound and exists in two forms. The anhydrous cobalt chloride salt is blue and the hydrated salt is pink. When the hydrated salt is gently heated, the blue anhydrous salt is reformed.

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Cat #
100 pc / Vial 300 pc/(3) Vials


Size 1/4" W x 1-7/8" L


Test Strip Specifications:
 •  Chemical Name:

      Cobalt Chloride
 • Formula & Color:     Anhydrous (CoCl2) - Blue
Hydrated (CoCl2-6H2O) - Pink

How to Use the Test Strips:
Simply store a test strip in the same container or barrier packaging you wish to monitor. Use with our molecular sieve desiccants to indicate the sieves are saturated and need to be dried. Always keep the test and indicating strips well sealed from humidity before use.


How to Reactivate:
Remove the test strips and dry in an oven warmed (or microwave on DEFROST) to 104ºF (40 ºC). Note: The test strips can be reactivated as long as cobalt chloride has not migrated from the paper strip due to over saturation or wear.

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