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Solderless Wire Connections

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Size Weight 1ea.
~3/8" W x 4-5/8" L 1.1 oz $11.00
Stripping Insulation:
  1. Pull off the cap and remove the wire stripper from the handle.
  2. Press the wire to be stripped down into the wire stripper's slot, about 1 inch from the end.
  3. Hold the wire stripper with the blade away from you and push the stripper away from you to strip the insulation.

Wrapping Wire:
  1. Insert the Nichrome wire into the tool's half moon shaped hole and out through the groove.

  2. Bend the wire over the end of the tool.

  3. Insert the stripped lead wire into the center hole.

  4. Hold the Nichrome wire and turn the tool clockwise until the Nichrome in the grove is wrapped around the lead wire.
Unwrapping Wire:
  1. Place the lead wire into the tool's center hole so the wrapped wire seats in the end of the tool.

  2. Turn the tool counterclockwise.

Wrapping Tips:

  • To ensure a good clean reliable connection, never touch the bare copper with wire your fingers.
  • The longer the wrap, the more contact area. Minimum number of turns should be least 10 for any gauge.
  • If you are having difficulty acheiving a strong mating connection with the smaller gauge nichrome, strip the lead wire twice as long the the finished wrapped length. Start the wrap at the insulation, bend over the excess lead wire, and lightly "squeeze crimp" together with pliers.

**Note: The wire wrapping tool does not work with 48 gauge wire.

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